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Ealing Trailfinders VS London Scottish live free 2 December 2023 Livestream

The Championship match London Scottish vs Ealing (2 Dec 2023). Preview and stats followed by live commentary, video highlights and match report.

London Scottish v Ealing Trailfinders | Championship Rugby 5:29London Scottish v Ealing Trailfinders | Championship Rugby Highlights | · Comments. Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club, London. 5968 likes · 363 talking about this. Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club - 2022/23 Championship Cup Winners. “Otherwise it’s the same result: almost everybody’s still losing money. ”Has the English game learned anything? If so, it is not yet glaringly apparent. Plenty of people, for example, are already making confident noises about two leagues of 10 – a Premiership 1 and Premiership 2 – from 2024‑25 without explaining how the secondary half of that equation can be funded. At the very least it will require a fundamental overhaul, of governance and how Premiership owners think and operate. There is also a casual assumption that poor old Worcester and Wasps should be free to ditch their debts and restart in the Championship without a backward glance. “There’s a lot of anger within the game towards the Premiership clubs at the moment, ” says another Championship source. “London Welsh, Richmond and London Scottish all had to start back at the bottom. Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club - West London Ealing Trailfinders were unable to close the gap to Jersey at the bottom after London Scottish scored six tries to cement their place in the top five of the ... You can’t be that much in debt and it still be a case of spend, spend, spend. You can’t have 167 people being made redundant at Wasps and think rugby is in a healthy state. There needs to be a complete reset. ”In that respect, everyone seems on the same page. If one thing has changed since the late 90s it has been the splintering of romantic notions that English professional club rugby is immune to the laws of economic gravity. Having seen his club plunge right to the bottom of the league pyramid before patiently working their way back up again, Moore is quietly proud of Richmond’s reinvention as a prudent Championship club. “We took a deliberate decision that we wanted to be self sustainable and we were able to pay off £1. 5m of debt on the way up. RFU officials have said to me, ‘Richmond aren’t aspiring to play in the Premiership, you’re not an aspiring club. ’ To which I replied: ‘We are an aspiring club. I just don’t aspire to lose millions every year. ’”skip past newsletter promotionafter newsletter promotionTime is already of the essence with unbeaten Ealing – who face London Scottish on Saturday – urgently needing to know exactly what they can offer existing players and potential new recruits. If these clubs’ businesses are millions in debt, how are they just able to start up again? ”Talk to anyone in the second tier and it becomes equally clear the current funding model will need a radical rethink if two leagues of 10 are to become a reality. Currently Premiership clubs receive £4m per annum while Championship sides are allocated just under £150, 000 apiece from the Rugby Football Union and Premiership Rugby Ltd combined. How much of a rush would there be among Premiership owners to agree instead to 20 clubs being allocated £2m each for the greater good? Moore, for one, is already raising a quizzical eyebrow. “I don’t think you could have one group that gets the majority of the income and expect Level Two to be fully professional. I think the Championship is a very good competition – virtually every team can beat another on a good day – but it’s not financially sustainable as a fully professional league. London Scottish v Ealing Trailfinders, Greene King IPA Ealing Trailfinders Vs Cambridge RUFC at Trailfinders Sports Ground 4th Nov 2023 FREE - In Google Play. VIEW. BESbswy. Given the worsening financial climate and the Premiership’s current instability, Ealing are wondering if this is entirely fair or practicable. Even Premier League football demands a mere 5, 000 minimum capacity. “We could host Manchester United here and then go and play at Old Trafford in front of 74, 000 but we can’t host a Premiership rugby game, ” says Ben Ward, the Trailfinders’ director of rugby. London Scottish | Summary - Flashscore London Scottish (England) - team page on - latest results, fixtures. “When you’re talking about integrity in rugby and clubs not going bust, why would any business spend £15m on the unknown? ”It is a good question and one to which everyone at Ealing, backed by the travel company founded by the millionaire businessman Sir Mike Gooley, would like a clear official answer. What about the wider optics, too, of a smartly run club with no debts being excluded from the Premiership again while the supposed elite collapse in a heap? “What happened to us last year I thought was fundamentally wrong, ” says Ward. “But it’s been made even more wrong by the fact other clubs are still being allowed to operate in debt. Ealing Trailfinders have been ruled ineligible for promotion to the Premiership by the RFU because of the limited capacity of their Vallis Way stadium. Photograph: Ealing TrailfindersThey would have made the Premiership leap already had the RFU not ruled them ineligible last season because the venue was deemed not to meet the strict promotion criteria. Subsequently, the club has been advised promotion could now happen in May with a 5, 000 capacity as long as a contractor has been engaged and the necessary planning and safety assurances are in place to guarantee a 10, 001-capacity arena for the following season. London Scottish vs Ealing Trailfinders Live English RFU London Scottish vs Ealing Trailfinders Live English RFU Championship Online · Welcome to the new FOX Sports App and Website! · London Scottish vs Ealing ...


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